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RdV Vineyards

If you’ve been around Dining Traveler long enough, you know I love Virginia wine country. Only 60-90 minute drive from Washington, DC, Virginia wine country transports you to a different world in such a small timeframe. The rolling hills, cozy wineries, old school estates… what’s not to love? Most recently, I had the opportunity to experience three wineries that show the more luxurious side of Virginia wine.


Exploring The Luxurious Side of Virginia Wine

To me, the process of making wine is fascinating. So many factors involved: geography, geology, meteorology. Making wine is literally a science. With the commercialization of wine, there are too many people who are quick to capitalize on the industry without caring about the roots. Recently I had to opportunity to spend some time in three upscale wineries that go above and beyond.

Virginia Wine RdV
RdV Vineyards


RdV Vineyards is not a winery visit, it’s an experience. A tasting doesn’t come cheap at $65. However, it comes with a comprehensive tour, a beautiful charcuterie and cheese plate, and unparalleled customer service. The story of RdV is as interesting as its wine: founder Rutger de Vink is a former Marine who decided to try his hand at winemaking. He succeeded producing award-winning wines that have attracted the likes of Chefs Jose Andres and Eric Ziebold to its winery.

Must try wine: The Rendezvous, a rich red wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Frank, and Virginia’s own Petit Verdot.

RdV Vineyards, 2550 Delaplane Grade Rd, Delaplane, VA, Website 

Virginia Wine Boxwood Winery Rose
Virginia Wine: Boxwood Winery Rose

Boxwood Winery

If you’re looking for an intimate space for wine tasting, Boxwood Winery is a good bet. The cozy tasting room makes the perfect setting for an afternoon of wine tasting. Make sure to take a walk around the winery and take a peek into their cellar. Their cellar, with meticulously arranged fragrant barrels is very reminiscent of the iconic Opus One winery in Napa. Dining Traveler Tip: Start your Virgina wine with Brunch at Field & Main, located in between RdV and Boxwood Winery.

Must try wine: Although Boxwood Winery rose is relatively new to their selection, it has become one of their best-selling wines.

Boxwood Winery, 2042 Burrland Ln, Middleburg, VA, Website 

Virginia Wine Delaplane
Delaplane Cellars

Delaplane Cellars

Jim and Betsy Dolphin had a dream to own their own winery. They found the perfect place to grow Virginia wine in Delaplane, Virginia. As you enter the winding driveway up the tasting room of Delaplane Cellars, you see a sign that says “no buses”. That’s because Delaplane wants its patrons to have a relaxing environment with live bluegrass music overlooking the rolling hills of Fauquier County. Take a sip of their crisp white wines with a gorgeous view of Virginia wine country.

Must try wine: The Vidal Blanc, perfect for a hot Virginia summer day.

Delaplane Cellars, 2187 Winchester Rd, Delaplane, VA, Website

Virginia Wine Brunch Field and Main
Brunch at Field and Main

The Verdict

If you want to escape the big tours, loud bachelorette parties, and cookie cutter wineries, this is the perfect itinerary for you.

Virginia Wine RdV Vineyards
In my happy place…
Disclaimer: Big thanks to Virginia Wine for facilitating this experience. As always, opinions are my own. I’m convinced I’ve sent someone’s kid from the Virginia wine industry to college with all the money I’ve dropped on my own escapes to the region! 


  1. We’ve been so close to Virginia wine country last October and we didn’t make it there! Gosh, now I’m so mad! My husband loves a good glass of wine and since his family produces it in Italy, he said you’re right: making wine *is* a science!

  2. This looks like my kind of tour! I would pay $65 for it as I love going to vineyards and of course tasting! I have not tried a Virginia wine, so I would love to go on this experience!

  3. These sound absolutely amazing. I love that it’s a little more off-the-path. Those homefries from Delaplane have me drooling. My husband and I spend a lot of time in NC, but we’re going to have to make our way up here for some wine!

  4. This is definitely a surprise for me. I always though that Napa valley had the best wine in the States. It does look a bit pricey but that is possibly because of the proximity to DC

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