While DC has a plethora of tapas restaurants, Calle Cinco brings a different vibe to DC’s tapa scene. Small, cozy, and romantic with a small food and drink menu, it is a departure from the huge, rowdy tapas venues like Boqueria, Jaleo, and Barcelona Wine Bar. This is a place where you can have an intimate conversation over a bottle of wine and a series of small bites.

Calle Cinco DC Tapas Restaurant
Pan Tomate at Calle Cinco

The Tapas

The menu at Calle Cinco may be small but is full of delicious gems. Between two of us, we had eight tapas and we were stuffed. I highly recommend starting with the pan con tomate. It’s just bread with tomatoes but the bread is super crunchy and drenched in fruity olive oil, and the tomato spread is infused with garlic and herbs. It’s a fresh, bright entry into your meal.

Calle Cinco DC Tapas Bar
The Zetas at Calle Cinco

What to Order

From there, I would get the Spanish olives, marinated in orange zest, and the patatas bravas, which are drenched in a creamy housemade aioli. Setas, wild mushrooms tossed with corn and fragrant hazelnuts was one of the best dishes. It has a sweet-earthy-nutty flavor profile and was one of the heartier, more filling dishes. Piquillo peppers were also a hit, oozing with creamy goat cheese. I always recommend a cheese plate, which comes with crunchy bread and jam. Extra bread is always available if you need it!


The Drinks

The wine list is small at Calle Cinco but has everything you need: cava, verdejo, and tempranillo. I do recommend kicking off your meal with a Manhattan or rose sangria, because, well, why not?

The Dessert

For dessert, we loved the churros, which were sweet and freshly fried, served with a creamy chocolate sauce, as well as the crème brulee, lusciously silky and super satisfying.

Calle Cinco DC Tapas Bar
Calle Cinco: Your New Date Night Spot in DC

Calle Cinco: The Verdict

Many DC restaurants are great for groups, and some of the more romantic ones are really expensive. Calle Cinco is a great date night spot you can enjoy without breaking the bank. It’s technically still a pop-up, so I would check it out before it changes into something else!

Calle Cinco, 465 K St NW, Washington, DC, Website