Ramse Morales, owner of Puerto Rico Surf Lessons and Adventure

Last year, I was in Puerto Rico producing the content for my book, Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico (coming soon). During our trip, one of my focus was to meet as many Puerto Rican business owners in the tourism industry. We shared our intent with the owner of the AirBNB we stayed at in Rincón, a small town in the west coast of the island known for its surf-friendly beaches. He connected us with Ramse Morales, the owner of Surf Lessons Puerto Rico & Adventures. He was kind enough to invite us to spend a morning with him to document one of his surf lessons.

Ramse Morales of Surfing Lessons Puerto Rico
Ramse Morales
Photo Credit: Italo Morales


Ramse Morales is an energetic, humble and positive person. In typical Puerto Rican fashion, he says hello to everybody we encounter at Las Marias beach. Everybody knows who Ramse is, seems like the mayor of the beach! He says one of his goals with Surfing Lessons Puerto Rico is to share an authentic Puerto Rican surfing experience. We witnessed that as he gave a father and his three children surfing lessons. He has a perfect balance of talent and humbleness that makes him approachable.


Ramse Morales
Photo Credit: Italo Morales

I had the opportunity to interview him and he had some great insights about the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Dining Traveler Interview with Ramse Morales 

Ramse, Tell Us a Bit About Yourself:

I am from Puerto Rico, I was born in the western area of ​​the big island and live in the town of Rincón. Since 1987, I have been dedicated to surfing as a national and international competitor. After having traveled to different places around the world, I decided to become surf coach. That’s when I decided to establish my business, Surf Lessons Puerto Rico & Adventures.

Puerto Rico Road Trip Surf Lessons Puerto Rico
Photo Credit: Italo Morales

Share Your Favorite Parts of the West Coast of Puerto Rico?

The islands of Puerto Rico have a simple peculiarity, Puerto Rico is the smallest island in the Greater Antilles. This geography places us in the very center of the arch of the Antilles. Our island, specifically the northwest area of ​​Puerto Rico is very diverse especially for two simple and good reasons: for its surf beaches and for its food. The area has more than 150 hotels and around 50 restaurants.

Wilson Davalos, Owner of CLMDO
Wilson Davalos, Owner of CLMDO
Photo Credit: Italo Morales

What are your favorite places to eat?

The gastronomy Puerto Rico strikes a balance between fine dining, casual small restaurants and food trucks famously called “Chinchorito”. To be able to list each one of these places can take me a full day!

Ramse’s Dining Picks:

Around ​​Rincon: Parrilleria Vacas Gauchas, Estela Restaurant, Capriccio Trattoria 

Aguadilla:  Palmas Café and Arepas to go and More

​​Isabela: CLMDO (this places is extremely delicious) 

If there were only three places to see in the west coast of Puerto Rico, what would they be?

Isabela, Aguadilla and Rincon

We must say, we agree with Ramse Morales! As a matter of fact, we tried CLMDO in Isabela and loved the experience. We need to go back and join Ramse for a surf lesson and indulge at the many restaurants he mentioned!