Triglav National Park Slovenia
Triglav National Park Slovenia

Slovenia is a place that has been on my list for a while. Looking at photos of its nature drew us in. Given that we were going to attend a wedding in Bavaria, we chose to go to spend three days in Slovenia’s  Triglav National Park. It was a short trip, but we were so glad that we chose to take it. Here are our takeaways:

Sheep at Triglav National Park Slovenia
Sheep at Triglav National Park Slovenia

Getting There

We drove To Triglav National Park from a suburb of Munich and it took us around 4 hours to get there by car. We were traveling at the height of summer travels, therefore we encountered a bit of traffic. You can fly into Ljubljana and drive into the park area, depending on where you choose to stay. We highly recommend you rent a car as it makes it much easier to get around the national park area.

Triglav National Park Slovenia
Baby Dining Traveler and I at Triglav National Park Slovenia

Where to Stay

There are several small towns that have many apartments and hotels to choose from. We planned very last minute and paid the price as choices were very limited. We ended up renting a modest apartment in the town of Kranjska Gora that we found via The cozy apartment was very affordable (80 Euros per night) with free parking.

Kranjska Gora is a popular ski town bordering the Triglav National Park. It’s a perfect base to stay when spending three days in Triglav National Park. The town is cradled by the picturesque snowcapped mountains of the Slovenian Alps. Although summer is considered their low season, the town was filled with outdoor enthusiasts equipped with their hiking poles and climbing gear.

Slap Peričnik Triglav National Park Slovenia
Chasing Waterfalls at Triglav National Park Slap Peričnik

Three Days at Triglav National Park: What to See

Road Trip!

We wanted to experience as much nature as possible, so we were ambitious and decided to spend a whole day driving across route 206. If you love nature, Triglav National Park is the place for you. As we left Kranjska Gora, I was taken by the crystalline waters of the streams that flowed along the base of the mountains. Although you may be tempted to jump in, beware. The water is freezing! Perhaps a quick dip after a long hike may help with those sore muscles. If you want to go on hikes, keep your eyes open for the many trail openings. Many have a trail map and parking available.

One of the highlights of our trip was buying local beer, cheese, and cured meats in a small shop along the road and having a picnic along the Isonzo River. The sun was shining, the snowcapped mountaintops lay perfect against the blue sky, and the river.

Triglav National Park Slovenia Slap Peričnik
Slap Peričnik

The Waterfalls

The park is filled with many waterfalls. The word in Slovenian for waterfalls is “Slap”, keep that in mind when doing a google search for waterfalls at Triglav National Park. During our drive, we saw small waterfalls during our hike but the one that struck us the most was Slap Pericnik. If you’re spending three days at Triglav National Park, this must be a stop in your itinerary.

The morning we decided to go to Slap Pericnik, it was pouring rain. We debated whether to go or not, but we read that you can see the falls from the car. We knew it was the main tourist attraction, so we decided to wake up early and try our luck. The universe was on our side. Due to the rain, the place was empty! As we parked the rain dwindled to a small drizzle and we decided to hike up. Best decision ever. I am always taken by waterfalls due to their energy. As you stand twenty feet away, you can feel the fury of the water coming down. The best part of this waterfall is that you can hike behind it, feeling that energy to a whole new level.

Triglav National Park Slovenia Lake Bled
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

If you have three days in Triglav National Park, you must add Lake Bled to your itinerary. Lake Bled is not technically located in the park grounds but it borders that park area on the northeastern border. This Slovenian national gem merges architecture and nature as the Bled castle is in the middle of the lake. We decided to skip the touristy boat ride and go for a walk along the lake. Visitors can also swim on the crystal blue-green waters of the lake or rent a boat on their own.

Although Lake Bled has many restaurants to choose from along the lake, they all seemed very uninspiring and tourist-oriented. We walked along the side streets and discovered Izletniska Kmetija, a local spot where the owner Monica makes her own beers and ciders. Not only are they brewers but they also cure their own meats. Treat yourself to homemade charcuterie and sip it with the crisp cider produced in-house. Fellow Dining Traveler Priya wrote a detailed post about Lake Bled not too long ago.

Triglav National Park Slovenia
Triglav National Park Slovenia

Triglav National Park: The Verdict

I heard great things about Slovenia and Triglav National Park and must stay it lived up to its hype. It was a great place to reconnect with nature. Although we went with la Piccola who was only seven months during the trip, I recommend this trip to anyone who loves nature. Families, couples, groups of friends, and even solo travelers will enjoy scenic views, friendly people, and picturesque landscapes.