Montaditos at Quimet and Quimet
Montaditos at Quimet and Quimet

Quimet and Quimet: Bow Down to the Montadito

Barça! If Barcelona hasn’t made it onto your travel checklist for 2017, don’t fret there’s still time to add it to the top of your list. This city has a culinary dedication to fresh ingredients, vibrant spices and sauces, and a respect for the entire experience that is sitting down to a table (or in some cases standing up) with those you love. I have always been an “appetizer person” aka I prefer to order a few small dishes over a traditional meal. So when I went to Quimet and Quimet, I was taken with all the delicious variety.

Facade Quimet and Quimet
Facade Quimet and Quimet

The Scene

I invite you to enter the lively world of Quimet and Quimet. This local neighborhood spot is tucked away on a quiet side street in El Pole-Sec, and at 11:30 AM it is already overflowing with patrons. Walls lined with wine bottles of all varieties greeted us along with Beatles tunes. A shiny silver counter filled with an assortment of vibrant ingredients drew us in. In addition to the silver counter that lines the establishment, there are adorable bar tables made from recycled kegs, perfect for crowding around with friends. The real excitement comes from the two smiling faces behind the counter, who are multitasking like nobody’s business- taking orders, pouring wine, whipping up bite sized delights … all while chitchatting with regulars sitting at the bar.

Bar Quimet and Quimet
The Scene at Quimet and Quimet

The Food

Initially I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the menu options, but with a little assistance from the friendly gentleman behind the counter I was able to nail down the following assortment of Montaditos (small sandwiches):

Prawns, Red Pepper, Cream, Caviar

Brie, Roasted Tomato, Anchovy, Olive Spread

Salmon, Yogurt, Truffled Honey

Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato, Caramelized Onions

The foundation for each Montadito is a round crunchy biscuit, the perfect vessel for transporting all the toppings to your mouth, silverware free. I’m a huge fan of bagels and lox, so I had to start off with the Salmon Montadito.  The saltiness from the smoked salmon paired with the sweetness of the truffled honey is a match made in heaven. My other top pick from Quimet and Quimet was the Brie and Anchovy Montadito. It arrived topped with roasted tomato, an olive spread, and a drizzle of Spanish olive oil. If the idea of anchovies makes you a little nervous, don’t shy away; these ones are mild and not overly salty.

Quimet and Quimet Barcelona Food
The Montadito

The Verdict

Quimet and Quimet has pairings down to a science. Whether you’re craving something acidic, or something rich, you’re going to leave happy thanks to their smart combinations. What sets these bites apart from others is the time that they put into preparing the ingredients individually. Hats off to you Quimet and Quimet, you have found a way to leave a lasting impression in under 3 bites, and I will definitely be back for more!  

Quimet and Quimet, Carrer del Poeta, Cabanyes, 25, 08004, Barcelona, Spain, Website