Holiday Cocktails in DC STK
Bar at STK DC

Update: 4/11/2017 STK DC is  permanently closed.

When I first heard about STK DC, the first thing that came to mind was a flashy restaurant where people go to be seen. I envisioned aspiring models in 5 inch heels drinking champagne before a night out. In many ways it is that place, however, it is so much more.  However, I recently went there for lunch and experienced a much laid back atmosphere which allowed me to focus on the good stuff:  the food.

Bar at STK DC
Bar at STK DC

The scene: I love a good lunch because it’s an escape from the office.  With a good dish you can be transported to the south of France or return energized from trading ideas with friends.  I did just that with Jessica, a good friend and her son Jack. We started our lunch with a cocktail in the patio and moved indoors to eat.  The lunch scene is much more relaxed than dinner service, perfect scene to catch up.

STK DC Lunch Menu
Fried Green Tomato Salad

The Décor:  Although the interior seems to have been designed for evening entertaining, it makes a calm escape, especially on blazing hot DC summer days.  There,  I encountered a combination of working lunches and tourists looking for a foodie escape. The one detail which brings STK DC to life is the bar. With white lacquered adorning the walls, it adds a rock and roll element in the middle of conservative DC.

STK DC Bread
The Bread at STK DC

The food:  Let’s start with the bread.  It was hard to pace myself with the soft and buttery mini loaf served in a cast iron and creamy butter.  Jessica and Jack raved about the tuna tartare so I had to try it. The spicy tuna sits on a layer of avocado and is topped with two large taro root chips. I immediately understood their devotion when I bit into a taro chip loaded with tuna and avocado.  Vegetarians can indulge in fried green tomatoes with white asparagus.  This South Carolina meets Germany starter is also one not to be missed.

STK DC Lunch
Short Rib Grilled Cheese at STK DC

With a name like STK DC one feels tempted order the steak. I ordered a skirt steak which came with chimichurri. The steak was juicy, however, I couldn’t help to drool over Jessica’s short rib grilled cheese.  With tender pieces of short rib smothered in melted Danish cheese it’s a nice midday indulgence.  Dining Traveler Tip: discover expensive restaurants at lunch. They usually offer great prix fixe menus for a fraction of what you will pay for dinner.  STK offers a great lunch menu deal with 2 courses starting at $20.

STK DC Lunch Menu
STK DC Birthday Cake

Verdict:  We ended our meal with banana cream pie in a jar and “birthday cake” ( an almond torte filled with cookie dough ice cream and frosted with vanilla butter cream).  What I appreciate about STK DC is that they can make comfort food like a grilled cheese sandwich look and feel sexy in its environment.  Lunch at STK DC is perfect for a midday rendezvous or a business meeting in a quiet space without the stiffness of other establishment restaurants nearby.  Tip: head to STK in the month of June for “drunkin doughnuts”, doughnuts filled with booze. Cheers! 

Drunkin' Doughnuts at STK DC
Drunkin’ Doughnuts at STK DC
Photo Courtesy of STK DC

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  • Didn’t even need to scroll past the bread to know I’m heading this way the next time I head into the city!