To end our weekend getaway at National Harbor, we headed to National Colonial Farm. Just a 20-minute drive from National Harbor, the farm provides a completely different atmosphere. As you leave the shiny and new National Harbor and take the winding roads to National Colonial Farm, you immediately notice the change of landscape with the dense vegetation and birds buzzing above.  It’s great to have this beautiful slice of nature just a short drive from the metro DC area. Here’s a peek of what you can do:

National Colonial Farms
National Colonial Farms

Piscataway Park

National Colonial Farm is located in Piscataway Park, part of the National Park Service along the tidal Potomac River. With views of the Potomac and Mount Vernon, it offers a quiet escape from the busy city life of DC and its surrounding metro area. You can come by car or by boat as there is a docking area available to visitors. If you have your own kayak, you can bring it to the park and take in this idyllic scenery by water. You can also rent a kayak at Atlantic Kayak at Fort Washington nearby.  There are also several walking trails you can enjoy as well. The area is relatively flat so it’s perfect to for kids or a multigenerational family day in nature.

Paul Lovelace, Director of Agriculture at National Colonial Farm
Paul Lovelace, Director of Agriculture at National Colonial Farm

National Colonial Farm

As you enter the farm area, there’s a space that shows a farm home of the 18th along with artifacts of that era. The rustic home sits in a large area of land and the inside has been preserved to depict the farmer’s life of that era. During the warmer months, volunteers reenact the daily life on the farm. The space also has a working farm with livestock such as cows, sheep, and hens. As you walk around the farm you are sure to run into a few hens and a turkey who a roaming free around the farm. The purpose of the working farm is not only to educate guests but to preserve heritage animal breeds of the colonial era.

The Verdict

If you want to take a break from the city and experience nature at its best, consider a day trip to National Colonial Farm. I had no idea of its existence until my friend who works at National Harbor told me about it. It’s truly a hidden gem. This place is great for families with small children as you can interact with many of the animals at the farm and roam freely around most of the grounds.

  • Tamara Wilcox

    I hadn’t heard of this farm, but I’m sure I would enjoy visiting. Seems like it would be “stepping back in time” to experience the colonial farmhouse and surrounding pastures. And how wonderful that it’s so close to Washington DC. I bet it’s a popular visit for cityfolks!

    • Funny enough, I just found this place after 5 years in DC! There’s too much to do, too little time!

  • Sarah Ebner

    I have heard great things about the farm – it also sounds like a lovely way to get away from the city, but have fun outside and excellent for kids.

  • I love anything related to Ag tourism. As an Iowa farm girl, I enjoy learning how farms and farmers are ran. There’s so much to learn and this looks like a great place for everyone to get out and experience farm life. That sheep looks like he’s ready to get out and run on the other side of his pen.

    • Although I am a city girl through and through I love visiting farms. Agree that there’s a lot ot learn!

  • Carol

    Looks so rustic. I bet my grandkids would lvoe to see this farm and pet the animals!

    • I bet! I can’t wait for my daughter to be older so I can take her back.

  • Kenny T.K. Chow

    That’s cool and I do see some cute farm animals. I love animals much – It would be a nice getaway not only for kids but adults!! @ knycx.journeying