Shawnee Inn Craft Beer
The ShawneeCraft Sunfish Blonde

Many restaurants and resorts are making an effort to produce dishes with local ingredients. This movement not only creates great food, but a story behind it. That’s the case at Shawnee Inn, a resort nestled in the lush nature of the Pocono Mountains. Not only do they collaborate with local farms, but they raise their own vegetables and herbs onsite.  I recently had the opportunity to experience a farm to table dinner with several other DC-based bloggers at Shawnee Inn on-site brewery and share the dining experience with the local farmers of the region.

Shawnee Inn Farm
The farm at Shawnee Inn

The scene:  The rustic facade with the light scent of hops was the perfect setting for a beer dinner.  Dinners are not typically served in the tasting room, however, it can be booked for special occasions.  The room can sit around 25 people and the intimate setting makes for a perfect rehearsal dinner or birthday party.  On the long dining table, we all came together: DC Travel Bloggers, the staff of Shawnee Inn, their family members, and local farmers of the area such as the lovely managers of Easton Farmer’s Market.

Shawnee Inn Beer Dinner
Veal Meatballs as Shawnee Inn

The Food:  The menu was simple yet hearty.  It was perfect as we spent the day white water rafting and the group had built quite the appetite.  Chef Rodney Tallada began the dinner with savory veal meatballs (veal from Aspen Ridge Farm).  The meatballs were paired with Sunfish Blonde, a light beer.  We enjoyed that although flavorful in its own, it did not steal the richness of the meat.  We continued our meal with a mixed green salad with Cranberry Creek farm goat cheese.  Not only was the salad paired with the Berliner Weisse beer but the salad dressing was made with it as well.

Shawnee Inn Craft Beer
The ShawneeCraft Sunfish Blonde

Our main course was a hearty pork chop from Ironstone Creamery, a farm located in nearby Lehigh County, PA.  It was served with red potatoes, snow peas, and wild mushrooms.  We had received the menu the evening before the meal. When I was white water rafting in cold, rainy weather, I kept on fantasizing about that pork chop. It lived to my expectations.  It was paired with a ShawneeCraft Belgian Tripel.  After living in Belgium for six years, I can be a snob when it comes to Belgian beers.  Although the beer had a nice, crisp taste to it, it was sweeter than the authentic Tripels made in Belgium.

Shawnee Inn Food
Rhubarb and Stawberry Handpie

Sweet Endings:  We concluded our dinner with a homemade rhubarb and strawberry pie, however, what stole the apres dinner show was the Mountain Ridge Coffee.  The coffee was served from the cart used at Monroe Farmer’s Market, a vintage red bike with a stand for the coffee.  The owner passionately talked to us about how she roasts the beans which come from all over the world right at home in Pennsylvania. A nice espresso was the perfect ending to a beautiful dinner.

Shawnlee Inn Dinner
The Dutchman enjoying Mountain Ridge Coffee

The Verdict:  For me, a dining experience is a well crafted story.  The protagonist will always be the food and in this case, it played a great starting role.  The supporting cast: the location, beer, attendees, made it into an award winning story.  We had an eventful 48 hours in the Pocono Mountains but this dining experience was the highlight!

Shawnee Inn Tasting Room
Craft Beer being Served at Shawnee Inn Tasting Room
*Disclaimer: We were hosted by Pocono Tourism and Shawnee Inn as part of the #DCTravelBlogger FAM Trip. 

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  • MountainRidge_Coffee

    Lovely article and photos. Mountain Ridge Coffee can be found at the Monroe Farmers Market

    • Thanks! Also, thanks for the correction. I updated the post. Hope to have your delicious coffee again soon!

  • So happy I was one of the attendees. Splendid fresh food accompanied by craft beer. Win!

  • Wow, I want those meatballs!

  • Rodrigo

    I am trying to image how fresh food can be… It’s amazing to see that they grow some products. Great article 😀

    • Thanks Rodrigo! The best part was having dinner with the farmers and learn about the food.

  • Looks like a fabulous place! I grew up in PA and love seeing blog posts on fun places to see that I haven’t even heard of. Nice find 🙂

    • Thanks! PA is such a beautiful state! I’m from NY State… feel the same way! Always something new to discover!