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With Carmen and Annette, my Glamsquad team

Have you traveled for a wedding or special event and realized that you have to get your hair and makeup done and you don’t know where? Maybe not. But that has been me. Many times over. I find myself frantically looking through Google Maps and Yelp to find a salon. I find a good salon and there are no appointments available. Now I have to blow dry my hair with the substandard hotel blow dryer. Now I shall not stress as I have discovered Glamsquad (at least in New York, DC, LA, and South Florida).

Glamsquad Beauty on the Go 3
Makeover time at Hotel Palomar, Washington, DC

What is Glamsquad?

Glamsquad is a company that brings beauty services (hair and makeup) to your home, office, or hotel. You go to their app, pick the services you need and a skilled artist or stylist will come to you. I’ve had experience Glamsquad services twice and I cannot recommend them enough.

Makeup from my latest Glamsquad Session
Makeup from my latest Glamsquad Session

Six Things I Love About Glamsquad

  1. Easy to book. You just download the app and book the services you need.
  2. Flexibility. As a working mom, I want to spend as much time with my daughter as possible. I can get my hair and makeup done without having to leave my hotel room or house. Appointments start as early as 6 am, which is great if I have an early morning engagement.
  3. Price. Initially, I had a bit of sticker shock for the $50 blowout. But then I broke it down. Average price for a blowout in DC is $35. Add $10 for parking or Uber. Add another $6 for the tip. You’re already at $51. It comes out to the same price without the hassle of having to leave your house, move your schedule, and/or book a babysitter.
  4. The Stylists. In talking to the stylists and makeup artists I’ve met, I learned that they go through a very strict vetting process. Many of them work with celebrities, private clients, or big makeup brands. All the stylists and makeup artists I’ve met are very friendly and knowledgeable.
  5. The Service. In the end, you want quality service. Especially if you’re getting ready for a high profile event. I had my hair and makeup done for a recent event at Dulles Airport. I got so many compliments that day that I bought the lipstick my artist used on me.
  6. The Products: The folks at Glamsquad do not skimp on the product! They blow dry your hair with a high-speed Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer (retails for $400) and use Kerastase hair care products. With makeup expect to see all the big brands such as MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, Channel, among others.
Blog Glamsquad Beauty on the Go 2
With Carmen and Annette, my Glamsquad team

My Most Recent Glamsquad Experience

I did a staycation at the beautiful Kimpton Hotel Palomar in Dupont Circle DC. There, I got to experience first hand what is like to get Glamsquad services done in your hotel room. My “Glamsquad” arrived to my room on time; it took them 5 minutes to set up and in 60 minutes I was a completely new person and ready to brunch at Urbana, the delicious restaurant at Hotel Palomar.

After! Sorry for the Instagram Story Pic!

The Verdict

I love the concept of Glamsquad and hope the company continues to grow and make it to more cities throughout the world. It would be great to arrive at a hotel in a new destination and have local stylists and makeup artists get you ready for the big event. My point for improvement would be that I would love for Glamsquad to have manicure services in Washington, DC (they have it in NYC and LA). That would save me one more stop! For more about their services in each city, check out their website.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Glamsquad for this latest treatment. However, opinions are my own and I gladly spend my own hard earned cash money on this brand. I have many friends who have tried Glamsquad and have similar feedback.