Foodie Gift Guide Gift Selection
Foodie Gift Guide Gift Selection

The holidays are upon us and the shopping list is on! One thing that makes people happy is food. It doesn’t matter how many material things someone has, something that is food and drink related always makes a person smile. On that note, I created a foodie gift guide for that food lover in your life.

Foodie Gift Guide
Foodie Gift Guide: Tender Belly Bacon

For the Meat Lovers

Nothing says I love you more than a shipment of bacon, right? This has to be the most decadent foodie gift. Ever. Tender Belly is a meat delivery service that specializes in pork. I think I will be asking Santa for Tender Belly’s Bacon of the Month Club. You get 4 pounds of uncured, beautiful bacon delivered to your door every month for $59. Perfect gift for the bacon lover in your life!

Who doesn’t love Williams-Sonoma? You can’t go wrong with their selections. If you have a friend who loves to grill, a great foodie gift is a great BBQ sauce and salt rub. The Williams-Sonoma American Regional BBQ Sauce (Memphis Style) goes for $12.95 for a 17.5-ounce container, and the Williams-Sonoma American Regional BBQ Rub (Memphis Style) is sold for $10.95 for a 3-ounce container. A yummy foodie gift at an affordable price.

Foodie Gift Guide Crafted Cup Pewter Tankard
Crafted Cup Pewter Tankard
Photo Credit: Julia Igari

For the Beer Lovers

I like the idea of gifting someone beer from somewhere that reminds them of their travels. Perhaps a six pack of Paulaner from Germany or Sapporo from Japan. Even more special is adding a personalized tankard to go with that special beer. With Crafted Cup Company, you can do just that. You can have everything from a monogram to your company logo engraved on these gorgeous handcrafted cups. Prices vary by tankards and customization, starting at $47.95. This makes a great gift for a loved one or a special client.

Foodie Gift Guide: Piper-Heidsieck

For the Wine Lovers

If we are talking foodie gifts, we must talk wine too. When in doubt, show up with champagne. A bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne to be exact. If you’re in the DC area, head to the Neiman Marcus at Tyson’s Corner to get their bottle of cuvée brut in a limited edition lipstick case. A unique selection for the luxury inclined in your life. The limited edition case and champagne set sells for $95.

Holidays also mean attending cozy dinner parties. I always like to show up with a bottle of wine, even if the hosts insist that guests not bringing anything. An affordable choice of sparkling wine is Cava Jaume Serra Cristalino. The bottle retails at $9.99. We first discovered this cava when we bought several cases of it for our wedding. Bubbles always make people happy!

Foodie Gift Guide Gift Selection
Foodie Gift Guide Gift Selection

For the Lovers of Sweets

After champagne, one of my favorite foodie gifts is sweets. A box of chocolates or caramels is a great idea for everybody on your list-from in-laws to your coworkers. Godiva always makes a dazzling holiday collection. Their intricately designed gift boxes are filled with decadent, Belgian chocolate.

Last year, I fell in love with McCrea’s Caramels. Their handmade caramels are TO DIE FOR. I received a sample last year and rushed to buy boxes to all my candy loving friends. Their caramels are laced with unique flavors such as black lava sea salt, rosemary, and single-malt scotch. My foodie gift choice: the Flavor Box. At $14.95 it’s a deliciously affordable gift!

Foodie Gift Guide Gift Selection Global Grub
Global Grub Sushi Kit

A Thoughtful Foodie Gift

I’ve had a few readers ask “what do I give to someone who I just started dating?” If the person loves food, consider Global Grub. Global Grub is a DIY food kit that provides all the non-perishable ingredients and tools to make a unique meal experience. And there’s nothing more romantic, especially in the early dating days, than cooking together! From making your own sushi to ravioli, it makes the perfect date night gift.

Foodie Gift Guide: Rasika Cookbook
Foodie Gift Guide: Rasika Cookbook


A cookbook is always a welcomed foodie gift. There are so many great cookbooks out there, however, I want to recognize two cookbooks that were created in my home city, Washington, DC. For those who love Indian food, check out the Rasika Cookbook, based on recipes from the famous Rasika Restaurant in our nation’s capital. You can bring the flavors of the award winning restaurant (even Barack Obama is a fan) to your home. You can order the spices online at another local DC store, Bazaar Spices.

My friend and fellow blogger Laura Kumin of Mother Would Know recently released the Hamilton Cookbook, based on recipes from the Alexander Hamilton era. Along with the recipes, the book is filled with anecdotes and facts from one of America’s first foodies.

Foodie Gift Guide Paella KitHousewares

Foodie gifts are not only edibles but also gifts for your kitchen. Last year my Dutchman gifted me a Vitamix and I have been converted. This was the best gift EVER. To me this is better than jewelry! From homemade baby food to silky smooth soups, this is the most used appliance in our home. After you get over the sticker shock (they range from $250 to $700), you’ll realize that you’ve made a good investment.

If you love all things Spain like I do, you will love La Tienda. La Tienda (the shop) is an online shop featuring all the things we love from the Iberian Peninsula. Things I am adding to the list: Paella Kit for Two, Mediterranean Blue Terra Cotta Cazuelas, and Glass Porron Wine Pitcher.

I recently discovered Eating Tools, a brand of handmade cooking utensils and I have added it to my list to Santa. From hand-carved knives to unique chopstick sets, this is a foodie gift for that person who loves to entertain at home.

Foodie Gift Guide: Crafted Cup
Foodie Gift Guide: Crafted Cup

Foodie Gift Guide: The Verdict

If you know someone like me who travels often and loves food, a foodie gift is the way to go. Whether it is a beautiful bottle of wine or a box of bacon, edible gifts show thoughtfulness. What foodie gift option is on your christmas list this year?

Disclaimer: this Foodie Gift Guide was sponsored by Crafted Cup Company. As always, opinions are my own and I’ve either spent or would spend my hard earned Dining Traveler money on all the items listed above.

  • Mel Tevez

    I love this list, so different from the other gift guides I’ve been seeing. I like the fact that you added personalized items!

  • Holly

    This is a cool list. I would also want some teas and I am sure others would love some coffees. A desert cookbook would be awesome lol.

  • First gift idea is bacon? You win the 2017 holiday gift guide award!

  • Haha love the little thoughtful gifts. Although they are consumable, it doesn’t discount their values at all. I can’t wait to try!

  • I agree, food is always an appropriate gift. McCrea’s Caramels sound so tasty. Black Lava sea salt seems like such a unique flavour.