Two Days in Culebra: Flamenco Beach
Two Days in Culebra: Flamenco Beach

One of my favorite places in Puerto Rico is Culebra. This tiny island off the east coast of Puerto Rico is truly a tropical gem. I recall my first time experiencing the island thirteen years ago. I was on a friend’s boat and we were anchored off the coast of the island. We didn’t get on shore that time but it awoke in me the curiosity to return. A few years ago, I finally set foot in the island and I did not want to leave. Here’s how to spend two days in Culebra:

Two Days in Culebra: Tamarindo Beach
Two Days in Culebra: Tamarindo Beach

Getting There

Flights from San Juan to Culebra are short and relatively affordable. Bonus: the view from above!  From San Juan, you can take a flight from Isla Grande via airlines such a Vieques Air Link, Cape Air, and Air Flamenco. The drive from SJU Airport (main San Juan Airport) is give or take 30 Minutes. You can also fly from Ceiba on the east coast of the island. There’s a big parking lot where you can leave you car. The cheapest way is to take the ferry from the Fajardo post. There’s also a parking lot where you can leave you car overnight. If you’re lucky and have a friend with a boat, take the boat! The views are amazing!

Two Days in Culebra: Where to Stay
Two Days in Culebra: Where to Stay

Where to Stay in Culebra

The island is the place one goes to disconnect. Even two days in Culebra will reset you! There are no big resorts, but rather small guesthouses, rental villas, and small boutique hotels. A renowned property on island is Club Seabourne, a small, local-owned boutique hotel. I have friends who have been going to Club Seabourne for years and love the property. During my visits, I’ve stayed at rental apartments and guesthouses. Don’t worry if you’re not in the lap of luxury… you’ll spend most of your time at the beach!

Two Days in Culebra: Must go to Flamenco Beach
Two Days in Culebra: Must go to Flamenco Beach

Playa Flamenco

Culebra means snake in Spanish. This long, small, narrow island is home to one of the most revered beaches in the world: Playa Flamenco. Yes, believe the hype. Playa Flamenco is a long sandy beach with turquoise waters and laid back vibes.  Not only is the beach picturesque, but the facilities are also convenient for guests of all ages.  There’s ample parking, changing rooms, and kiosks offering Puerto Rican empanadas filled with meat or seafood.  My cousin and other friends love to camp there. More camping info here.

Snorkeling at Playa Tamarindo Two Days in Culebra
Snorkeling at Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo

Although Culebra is mainly known for Playa Flamenco, I recommend you visit the other beaches on the island. Close to Flamenco, there is Playa Tamarindo. This quiet beach is known for snorkeling. There, you can catch sea turtles peacefully swimming along the ocean. The beach area is quite small, but it’s beautifully quiet and peaceful.

Two Days in Culebra: Zoni Beacn
Two Days in Culebra: Zoni Beacn

Playa Zoni

If you want to escape to a secluded beach, head to Playa Zoni. I recommend that if you go to Culebra, you rent a jeep as it gives you access to more of the island. Playa Zoni is quite remote. Getting there is quite the adventure. The roads seem to get narrower and narrower until you reach the beach area. The several times I’ve been, the most I’ve seen are a dozen or so beachgoers. The water is a bit more choppy than Playa Flamenco, but the views are just as sweet.

Two Days in Culebra Must Do: Sunset at Melones Beach
Two Days in Culebra Must Do: Sunset at Melones Beach

Playa Melones

A must when spending two days in Culebra is taking in a beautiful sunset. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve witnessed in Puerto Rico was at Playa Melones. This small beach offers calm waters and a picturesque sunset. There’s also a small area with picnic tables. Perfect to stage a small picnic at sunset.

Two Days in Culebra Where to Eat
Where to Eat: Zacos Tacos

Where to Eat

The dining options are a bit limited in Culebra. That is why I recommend staying at an apartment or guesthouse where you can cook your own food. The Dinghy Dock is a Culebra institution that has been there for years. It’s nice to sit by the dock with a rum punch in hand and fantasize about the sailboats you witness on the bay. Zacos Tacos is also a great spot with chickens roaming the restaurant as you sip your margarita. I am also a fan of the food stands at Flamenco Beach. Pan Deli is a traditional Puerto Rican bakery, get a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on your way to the beach.

Sea Turtles at Playa Tamarindo  Two Days in Culebra
Sea Turtles at Playa Tamarindo

Two days in Culebra: The Verdict

If you want to unwind, Culebra is the place for you. Although it’s 18 miles from mainland Puerto Rico, it seems like a different country. With less than two thousand inhabitants, this tiny slice of paradise will reconnect you with nature. Two days in Culebra is enough time to unwind and fall in love with island!

All Images by Italo Morales 

  • above god

    A good little review for the 1st time visitor to Culebra. However, there are many more restaurants than hinted about here.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed our “little” review. If you can please share some other restaurants of your liking for our readers, that would be great. Thanks!

  • Lois Alter Mark

    This looks like a beautiful spot to hide away for a few days. I love the colors of Zaco’s Tacos! It’s so cheerful!

  • Mags

    That beach is gorgeous! I love Puerto Rico, but I’ve never made it out of San Juan. I would love to explore Culebra

  • It’s a childhood dream of mine to go to Puerto Rico. Would really love to see the blue of the ocean and the colourful houses.

  • Cynthia/What A Girl Eats

    I’ve only been to Puerto Rico once…I’d love to go back! This looks gorgeous!

  • Murissa

    Lovely! I’ve never been and it looks like my kind of paradise – snorkeling, brightly coloured architecture and sprawling beaches!

  • It’s a travesty that I’m so close to Puerto Rico distance-wise and have yet to go! How much time is ideal for a PR getaway?

  • This really looks like paradise! Naturally, I haven’t heard of this island but it looks like the perfect secluded place for relax. It is great that there are small rentals, villas and boutique hotels instead of making it really commercial.

  • Sounds like the perfect island getaway to me! Snorkeling is one of my favorite things and this alone would entice me to go here!