When I heard there was a Game of Thrones Pop Up bar coming to Shaw, I cleared my calendar to check it out. I had to see this. I was a few years late to the Game of Thrones game but once I saw one episode, I was hooked. While in Japan last year, I suffered that I couldn’t watch the episodes real-time.  I’m not even a TV person! My Dutchman mocks my GOT lingo: how I use “winter is coming” so loosely or I talk about the characters as if they were not fictional. Whatever. Jon Snow is hot. Khaleesi is boss lady. Khal Drogo shouldn’t have died so soon. Ok, back to this pop-up bar.

All the Important Houses Represented at the Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar
All the Important Houses Represented at the Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

The Scene

Drink Company and Ommegang Brewery present the Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar (PUB), in the spaces formerly known as Mockingbird Hill, Southern Efficiency, and Eat the Rich. If you’re visiting the city during the duration of the PUB (starts June 21st, didn’t see a close date), I highly suggest you check this out. It takes the prize when it comes to originality. As you enter the the Game of Thrones Pop Up bar, you’re welcomed by fiery red weirwood tree. Instead of being greeted by the Three-Eyed raven, you’re welcomed by friendly bartenders concocting GOT inspired drinks.  Bonus: some of the bartenders are in character.

Cocktails at  Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar
The North Remembers Cocktail at Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

The Cocktails

Let’s start with the name of the cocktails. The cocktail list starts with a cocktail named “Shame” with a creative presentation. I am not going to give this one away. You have to go and check it out. The North Remembers is an interesting combination of Scotch Whiskey, coconut, and pineapple gomme. It is creatively served in a tusk mug. This was a favorite among the guests at  Game of Thrones Pop-Up Bar. I was impressed with the Lady Mormont cocktail: gin, madeira, honey, and passion fruit. It was like Lady Marmont: looks small and sweet but it packs a punch!

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar Iron Throne Drink
Guest in Character

The Verdict:  Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

This space is known for its creative Pop Up Bars. The most recent, a Cherry Blossom themed space, was a popular in the city with lines formed around the block in order the experience it. It will certainly be the same for this Game of Thrones Pop-Up Bar. What I found most interesting was the attention to detail with the decor and cocktail menu. This is not a cheesy themed space. The cocktail recipes are carefully concocted. For those who are not cocktail fans, there’s a list of beer and cider to compliment.  Drink Company CEO Angie Fetherston says about the PUB: “We didn’t have a choice; the three-eyed raven picked us.” I wholeheartedly agree!

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar Decoration
Mother of Dragons…

Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar (PUB), 1839-1843 7th Street NW, Washington, DC, Website

Getting There: Shaw Metro is just steps away from the space. Don’t recommend driving as a. you’re drinking and b. parking sucks!

 Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar
Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar