If you are looking for a spot to have a power breakfast in Washington, DC , I have just the place for you. I recently went over to The Lafayette, the Hay Adams Hotel signature restaurant for a breakfast meeting with a colleague, and we had an incredibly productive breakfast while stuffing our faces. About our experience…

The Lafayette Breakfast Menu
Eggs Benedict at The Lafayette

The Scene

The Lafayette is an elegant refined, and quiet, perfect for a breakfast meeting or breakfast date. (Yes breakfast dates are a thing!) White tablecloths, excellent service, and a display of breakfast pastries make for a great backdrop for conversation. It’s also a wonderful venue for dining if you are visiting DC and want to check out one of the city’s best fine dining options.

The Lafayette Breakfast Menu
Pastries from The Lafayette Breakfast Menu

The Food

There are so many tempting choices on The Lafayette’s breakfast menu, you will have a hard time picking just one item! Definitely start with a pastry: the cranberry bread is rustic and earthy, the almond pastry is sweet and buttery, and the scones are dense and savory. Then, move on to an entree. The eggs benedict are smothered in an oh-so-creamy hollandaise sauce, and the bagel comes with a perfectly boiled egg, tomatoes, capers, and cream cheese. For something truly decadent, get the oatmeal souffle. It has a crisp top and gooey, melted center that is reminiscent of cookie dough. The smooth berry sauce on the side is bright, sweet and tart. Be sure to enjoy the restaurant’s coffee and one of their wonderful fresh squeezed juices: the watermelon juice is especially addictively refreshing.

The Lafayette Breakfast Menu
Oatmeal Soufflé

The Lafayette: Verdict

The Lafayette offers a breakfast that is bound to impressive anyone. Make sure you have a reservation; the restaurant is well-known for its good food and it is often completely booked, even for breakfast.

The Lafayette Breakfast Menu