One of the most anticipated exhibitions opens at the Hirshhorn Museum February 23rd. The Yayoi Kasuma Infinite Mirrors is an interactive modem art exhibition made for the senses. I had the opportunity to preview this beautifully complex work by Kasuma, one of the key figures of 60’s pop art. Here are my impressions:

Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors
At Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors Exhibition

About the Exhibition

The Yayoi Kasuma Infinite Mirrors exhibition is a combination of sculpture, paint, and light installations. What makes it unique are the small spaces that guests enter one at a time. Without giving much away, these installations are a mix of lighting, sculpture, and of course, mirrors.

Yayoi Kusama Infinite Mirrors
Mixed Art Display at the Exhibit

Each installation has a unique combination of lighting and sculpture. Upon entering the small rooms, you’re taken to another dimension of light and color. One of the rooms had pitch black mirrors and hundreds of tiny hanging lights another was filled with blown glass pumpkins. One guest summed it up perfectly as she departed one of the installation rooms: “it’s like being at the edge of a precipice”.

Things to Know

Although the exhibition is free, you need tickets ahead of time. You can sign up for tickets here. Tickets open every week, so put an alert on your calendar! There are same day tickets available, but those are first come, first serve. If looking for same day tickets, the Hirshhorn Museum staff recommends that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are the best time to come as it is less busy. Guests enter each installation room one at a time (or you can bring a friend) for 30 seconds. It goes by really fast so I highly recommend you have your camera settings ready upon entering!

Yayoi Kasuma Infinite Mirrors: The Verdict

Although it may take a bit to get tickets, make sure to add this exhibition to your list of things to do in DC! It’s a surreal experience!

Hirshhorn Museum of Art & Sculpture. Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024, Website 


  • I didn’t know there’s an Kasuma exhibition in DC, too! Love the infinity room at The Broad in downtown LA! Have to return as the time inside was just too short! (45 seconds)