We, the Pizza Arlington, VA
The Perfect Slice Photo Credit: We, the Pizza

We, the Pizza is a bustling, family friendly restaurant in the heart of Crystal City, Virginia. With a continuous flow of trade, they cater to both take out and eat in diners. And what a feast for the eyes! I have to confess, that my husband is a self-proclaimed expert pizza chef, so I knew that these pizzas would have to be special to impress. Having purchased his own pizza oven, he invests significant amounts of time in his pursuit of the perfect pizza dough. The bar was set high!

The Dining Room at We, The Pizza Arlington
The Dining Room at We, The Pizza
Photo Credit: We, The Pizza

The Scene

The diners at We, the Pizza are greeted with a colorful, mouthwatering display of pizzas upon arrival. Ready prepared and sliced there is an array ready for consumption, from honey ham, to spinach and artichoke and Cajun chicken – something for every taste. We, the Pizza advertises their suppliers, by listing them on their menu. It is made clear that the food source is important to the team. Opting for local and free range, you can tell that you are consuming quality ingredients.

Food at We, The Pizza Arlington
Rows of Pizza at We, the Pizza in Arlington, VA
Photo Credit: We, The Pizza

The Food

We chose a selection of sliced pies and roasted garlic knots. The forest shroomin’ pie, spinach and artichoke and pepperoni were our first choices. Served by the slice, you can mix and match or devour a whole pie yourself, if your appetite allows. Although I love mushrooms, I don’t normally opt for a mushroom pizza but this one was a hit. Deliciously creamy, yet served on a crispy base, this was a taste sensation.

The cast iron pie is thicker than the others and we chose “For the Greeks in the US’ a pie containing feta, mozzarella, tomato, red onion, fresh oregano and Spike’s Keffalonian olive oil with Kalamata olives. Although filling, it felt light, the freshness of the ingredients apparent.

The secret is apparently all in the dough. Made fresh and cold proofed in house for 24 hours this improves the elasticity making the base crispier and improving the texture and taste. My daughter appreciated this. “The topping stays on top” she commented. “Not like the pizzas we get at school.”

The garlic knots were a winner too. Knotted dough balls dusted in parmesan and served with a marinara sauce were soft, melting in the mouth.

Garlic Knots at We, the Pizza
The Famous Garlic Knots
Photo Credit: We, the Pizza

The Drinks

To accompany the food, We, the Pizza owner Spike Mendelsohn and his team have created a selection of their own craft sodas which they comically call their professional Fizzietans! The soda jerks are made with spring soda and a flash of fresh crushed fruit and homemade syrups. We chose orange, lemon and lime and cream soda and although they were still a little too sugary for us, you can ask your server to go light on the syrup. The idea of an alternative to regular fizzy drinks, particularly when dining with kids, is very welcome.

We, the Pizza Arlington, VA
The Perfect Slice
Photo Credit: We, the Pizza

We, the Pizza: The Verdict

With 80’s music playing in the background, who wouldn’t want to sing along to Queen’s “Under Pressure” while feasting on these delicious fresh pies? A bonus is always watching the pizza chef shape his dough, whirling it over his head. A spectacle for the eyes and a feast for your belly, I would go out of my way to dine at We, the Pizza again.

We, the Pizza, Crystal City Shops, 2100 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202, Website