One of the things I enjoy the most about blogging is the amazing people I get to meet. Some I meet in person and some virtually. I had the opportunity to virtually meet Lacy of expâté blog. I am a huge fan of her Instagram feed of lovely beach photos of her current home of Anguilla (now added to my travel list after seeing all the great pictures and lovely posts).  I was curious to see her perspective about holiday season abroad since we all have different ways of coping with this time of year abroad. This is our virtual interview:

Santas on the Beach: Sign me up! 

1. What do you like to the most about holiday season in Anguilla?

It’s never stressful. Gifting doesn’t take the spotlight as you have a real shipping excuse to not check everyone on that list. Anguilla definitely gets in the Christmas spirit for the holidays with a tree lighting and lights around town. It’s also very festive for New Years Eve as we always attendViceroy Anguilla’s lavish party to ring in the new year. They light 300 plus wish lanterns over the water, a truly magical and elegant evening involving world-renowned musicians, good friends, family and of course, champagne.

I think I can trade a turkey for this! 

2. Where is home and what do you miss the most about holidays there?
Our families are in Dallas, Texas and Whistler, Canada and the wintry snow hands down is missed the most. There is something special about a white christmas and cuddling up at our family ski chalet, chopping down our tree Griswold style in the woods, skiing on Christmas Day and having fondue and red wine around the fire.

Lacy aka Caribbean Santa in Anguilla

3. What is an interesting holiday tradition in Anguilla?
December is Anguilla’s busiest month in the tourism industry so I would say that’s what is really interesting, everyone is working hard to ensure family vacations go off without a hitch. The airport is a private jet parking lot while the superyachts are lingering in every bay, truly a time for major celebrity spotting.

Lacy celebrating Christmas last year with her family

4. What do you recommend to travelers thinking of spending their holidays there?
Have a Caribbean Christmas and make it your own. My family came last year and we spent our day bikini-clad and rum punch in hand on the white sands of Rendezvous Bay Beach. We also had a celebratory spread of grilled snapper, crayfish and lobster to top off our day at Bankie Banx’s The Dune. A true tropical white Christmas limin’ or hanging out as they call it in the Caribbean.

Beach in Anguilla

5. Do you recommend spending the holidays abroad and why/why not?
Absolutely, as there is something experiential about seeing other parts of the world during the holiday season, partaking in local festivities and making new memories. My first Christmas in Canada we made maple syrup taffy pops on fresh snow and I will always cherish that new experience. London is next on my list, as I can literally taste the minced pies and mulled wine while strolling the Christmas markets. 
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