What to pack for a glamping trip hot chocolate
Glamping Must: Hot Chocolate by the Fire

A few weeks ago, we went on a glamping trip to Lexington, VA with Glamping Hub. Although I have heard the term plenty of times, I have never gone on a glamping adventure. My camping experiences fall under two categories: a. my high school camping trips in Upstate NY and b. my multiple times in the field with the Marines. Basically not glamorous at all. That’s why I enlisted some experts and I did some research on what to pack for a glamping trip. Here are my suggestions:

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip Coco Luxe
What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Coco Luxe

Beauty Products

I am not talking about makeup here, but rather products that will make life a bit more comfortable in the outdoors. Beyond bronzer and a bit of lipstick, I am too lazy for makeup. It was still pretty cold in Lexington, VA so we definitely needed a good moisturizer. Lately, I have been using a lot of coconut oil, not only on myself but on piccola. Love the packaging of Coco Luxe as the oil comes in a squeezable tube. Bonus: it’s 100 ml, making it carry on material as well. What also makes me a fan is that I can use it in different climates. It keeps you hydrated in cold weather and it’s the perfect after-sun moisturizer (as I just discovered in Colombia).

Another item I discovered was Aromaflage, a delightful perfume that also repels mosquitoes. The blend of vanilla, citrus, and cedarwood smells like a dream. My travel buddy Carlis of Spicy Candy DC got me hooked on dry shampoo, now a go-to travel item! Keeps my hair bouncy and fresh in between washes. Lastly, a good sunscreen is a must when in the great outdoors. True Natural has a baby sunscreen that works well not only for babies but for adults as well.

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: FIlson Jacket
What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Filson Jacket

What to Wear

What to pack for a glamping trip? Stylish yet functional items. We visited during late winter, so the weather was still a bit cold. I am in love with my new jacket from Filson, a shop that specializes in stylish yet rugged outdoor wear. The jacket has a wax coating which makes it water repellent. Also like that I can bring the jacket to their 14th Street shop in Washington, DC to have it reapplied if the wax wears off. I also loved the selection of outdoor items from Orvis online shop. Orvis has a lovely yet stylish selection of outdoor gear. From Barbour jackets (a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, now that’s glam!) to stylish rugged hats, it’s a great stop to pick up the perfect items for your glamping adventure.

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Manito Silk Pajamas
What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Manito Silk Pajamas

A fun part of my glamping trip was cozying up by the fire in my pajamas. I did this with my new Manito Silk pajamas. Their simple yet luxurious design make it the perfect luxury item to bring with you glamping (and pretty much any other trip). If you want to go the extra luxe mile, order their fine silk sheets!

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Boots
What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: Boots
Photo Credit: Kristen Kellogg


I’m a light packer, especially for a weekend trip. Our glamping trip did not include much hiking but more time hitting wineries and breweries! I love my Donald J Pliner brown riding boots that I bought at Nordstrom a few years ago and still running strong! They have a rugged sole that’s perfect for a short hike yet stylish enough to wear to restaurants and wineries. If you’re spending more time in the trails, my glamping expert friend Kristen Kellogg of Border Free Travels suggests Blundstone. She says “I love Blundstone because they’re both stylish to wear around and also comfortable for day hiking”.

If your glamping at a warm location, I recommend Chaco “Maya” sandals. I love that they are minimalistic on top but rugged on the bottom. The sandals make the perfect transition from wet to dry areas. I just tried my new pair in the Rosario Islands of Colombia, they are stylish yet practical.

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip Drinks
A Whiskey by the Fire

The Edibles

What I loved about our cabin with Glamping Hub is that the basic condiments (salt, pepper, herbs) were already in the pantry. We bought some other basics at a Kroger supermarket nearby. However, before traveling, I discovered the most delicious snack: SmashMallows. I cannot get over of how good they are! We had them topping our hot chocolate and roasted over the fireplace. If you are a whisky drinker like my Dutchman, bring a nice bottle to cozy up to the fire such as a Laphroaig Scottish single malt. When deciding what to pack for a glamping trip in terms of edibles, I suggest bringing your favorite snacks/drinks if you’re traveling by car but also research if there are supermarkets nearby to purchase food for the cabin.

What to pack for a glamping trip hot chocolate
Glamping Must: Hot Chocolate by the Fire

What to Pack for a Glamping Trip: The Verdict

There are so many ways to glamp in different climates that the conditions are going to vary. What to pack for a glamping trip may range from cozy pajamas to string bikinis. The main thing to bring is great company to make good memories like we did in Lexington, VA.

Disclaimer: I received free samples for some of the items mentioned on this post. However, I did not receive any monetary compensation. Opinions are my own. 


  • Loved the post! A friend of mine just introduced me into glamping so I wasn’t sure if I should bring all I usually take (a lot!) or I should be more selective, but your advice sounds great, useful things that will make a comfortable trip.. specially liked the Spicy Candy DC dry shampoo, thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve never been the type of person to camp but glamping, I think I can do. I love Filson products, well designed and functional.

  • Kelly

    Love those silk PJs. They’re perfect for so many occasions from glamping to luxury and romantic travel or even a quite night at home!

  • Sherianne Higgins (SherianneKa

    I think I could glamp, it doesn’t sound like I’d be ‘roughing it’. And I love the dry shampoo idea!

  • Glamping may be the next new trend for luxury seeking campers! Your advice is really useful 🙂

  • The Lavish Nomad

    Glamping is a new term for me. I have been camping quite a few times and I dont see why I shouldn’t take some extra stuff to make it more comfortable

  • Mike C

    Luxury camping aka glamping definitely has a market. But saying that, I prefer my camping trips to be a little bit more rustic.

  • As a family we are yet to go glamping but we have done plenty of good old fashioned camping in tents with sleeping bags. We will be sure to refere to your article when we go glamping

  • Like you, I’ve never tried glamping before, although I’ve heard the term plenty of times before. I used to go camping with my family quite a lot when I was younger, though! And those boots look amazing, I need to get a pair of those!