New York City Food Markets Gansevoort
Scene at Gansevoort Market

I love New York City food markets.  Given that every single cuisine you can think of is represented in the Big Apple, it’s the perfect place for a foodie getaway.  Every time I visit (which is quite often given that it’s such a short trip from DC), I add a food market to my agenda.  Below I share some of my favorite markets and food halls thus far. Yes, I say thus far because there are so many more I would like to savor!

Doughnuttery New York City Food Markets
At Doughnuttery. Photo by Doughnuttery

Chelsea Market:  If you love food and design, Chelsea Market is the place for you.  Upon entering, you’re taken with the scents of the many eateries of the market and the rustic design.  With everything from crepes to lobster rolls, there’s something for everyone.  It’s perfect if you’re traveling with a group who cannot agree on a cuisine.  One of my favorite places is the Doughnuttery, which makes deliciously decadent mini doughnuts which are tossed in a flavored sugar. My last time there was in the fall. Of course I had to indulge in the pumpkin spice. Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011. Nearest Subway Stop: 14th St and 8th Ave

New York City Food Markets Whoopie Pie from The Bruffin at Gansevoort Market
Whoopie Pie from The Bruffin at Gansevoort Market

Gansevoort Market: Located steps away from Chelsea Market, Gansevoort is much smaller, with more of an intimate vibe and less crowds than its bigger neighbor.   There you can indulge in Colombian arepas, spicy Thai noodles, and mouthwatering whoopee pies.  In true market vibe, there is also a flower market where you can have flower arrangements made on the spot.  Make sure to pick up a delicious pastry at The Bruffin Café. Gansevoort Market, 52 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014. Nearest Subway Stop: 14th St and 8th Ave

New York City Food Markets Cannibal at Gotham West Market
“Jimmy the Tulip” Hotdog at Cannibal at Gotham West Market

Gotham West Market:  This is my latest addition to my New York City food markets adventures.  This Hell’s Kitchen food hall is small but packs in a wide spectrum of vendors.  From tacos to ramen, it was difficult to choose where to eat.  We ended up at Cannibal, just as the name implies, it specializes in cured meats and sausages.  Cannibal is a favorite of my two local NYC friends who took me there.  Not to miss: the hot dogs.  I sampled the “Jimmy The Tulip”.  The toppings of ranch, kale, and pork rinds may sound like an oxymoron, but it was an appropriate hangover treat! Gotham West Café, 600 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036. 15-minute walk from Times Square. Although there are no subway stops, there are several buses that stop very close to the market.

Baita Eataly New York City Food Markets
Baita at Eataly
Photo Credit: Eataly

Eataly:  I must admit I was a bit conflicted at first about going here because it seemed so touristy from afar.  However, there’s a reason why crowds come to this place. It is a foodie heaven. You’re welcomed with the warm scent of Nutella as you navigate through a labyrinth of cheese, wine, and homemade pasta.  I could probably spend a whole day reading through the vast collection of cooking books.  Escape the crowds by heading upstairs to La Bierreria, an Italian inspired beerhall and restaurant.  Dining Traveler Tip: You can make reservations ahead of time via Open Table. Eataly: 200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010, Nearest Subway Stop: 23rd Street.

New York City Food Markets Coffee at Gotham West
Coffee at Gotham West Market

The New York City food markets I shared are just a small glimpse of the culinary offerings of the city.  Check out my Chinatown post in which my BFF Jaime (who also happens to be fluent in Cantonese) gives me a tour of her beloved spots.  Sometimes is fun to ditch the guidebook and discover that perfect café or restaurant that may be right around the corner from your hotel.   Looking for a place to stay? The London NYC is my go-to place.  Tucked away on 54th street, you have all the attractions nearby without the chaos. Stay tuned for my full review from my most recent stay.