Edible Gift Ideas Raresweets
Eggnog and Ginger Lemon Cakes at Raresweets

One of the perils of city living is that there’s just no space!  I love receiving gifts but with a small house and very little storage space, I gravitate towards cheese and a nice bottle of wine as my gifts of choice.  Also, there’s something very personal about gifting food.  I love opening a bottle of wine or a special condiment with an unique story.  There are so many great edible gift ideas in Washington, DC that it’s difficult to choose!  From restaurants to bakeries, there’s something for every foodie at every price point at our nation’s capital.

Dining Traveler’s Edible Gift Ideas:

Edible Gift Ideas Raresweets
Eggnog and Ginger Lemon Cakes at Raresweets

For the cake lover:  Raresweets.  Imagine opening your door on Christmas day and receiving a gorgeous tiered eggnog cake. Actually, I can totally visualize (and hope for) that!  Raresweets, the beautiful cake shop at City Center DC allows you to order your holiday treats via phone and pick up the items in-store. In addition to their beautifully decadent cakes, you can also order cookies, hot chocolate kit, bake-at-home croissants, among other sweet goodies. More info on how to order here. 

Edible Gift Ideas DC Food Tour
A Carpe DC Food Stop: Ben’s Chili Bowl

For the foodie history lover:  Carpe DC Food Tours.  If you have a special person in your life who a. loves food and b. loves history.  I took this tour this past fall and learned so much about the U Street/Shaw area.  Although I know the U Street area well, I was still able to discover some hidden gems on the tour.  One of the things I enjoyed the most about the tour was the effort placed on local-owned restaurants such as &Pizza and Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Order your gift certificate here.

Edible Gift Ideas Via Umbria
Wine Selection at Via Umbria
Photo Credit: Via Umbria

For the Italia lover:  Via Umbria.  I recently had the chance to sit down with the team at Via Umbria and learn about their story before they opened their beautiful culinary and retail space in Georgetown.  Suzy Menard, one of the proprietors fell in love with Italy when she and her husband, Bill lived there as newlyweds.  Decades and numerous trips later, they decided to open via Umbria where they offer cooking classes, food to go, and hand-selected items predominantly from the Umbria region of Italy.  Suzy’s edible gift ideas:  Panettone, or “big bread,”  (holiday tradition in Italy), Torrone (nougat) and of course, Italian wine.

Edible Gift Ideas Hollin Hall
Cookies at Hollin Hall Pastry Shop Photo Credit: Nadia Patnode

For the cookie lover:  Hollin Hall Pastry Shop.  When in doubt, gift beautiful cookies. When chatting with Alexandria’s Hollin Hall’s pastry  chef, Nadia Patnode, she says her number one requested item are cookies-and dozens of them. Last minute gift?  Although a pre-order is the most efficient, they team at Hollin Hall still bakes plenty of cookies for an at-store pickup.  Not a cookie fan?  Chef Nadia recommends the Yule logs, spongy cake filled with delicious chocolate frosting.

Edible Gift Ideas Mediterranean Way
Mediterranean Way Gift Platter
Photo Credit: Mediterranean Way Facebook

For those hard to find European ingredients:  Mediterranean Way.  Owners Niko and Oana hand pick their selection of olive oils, balsamic vinegars (Oana actually lived in Modena), cheese, and other edible delights.  Niko, a Greek native walks customers through their extensive olive oil selection.  Niko’s edible gift ideas:  two of the Greek products they import exclusively: a small organic honey producer , Stayia Farm who makes an organic thyme honey with Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen, and Arom Orange Jam which is handmade on the island of Syros, Greece.  A delicious and original gift choice.

Edible Gift Ideas Don Ciccio
At the Tasting Room of Don Ciccio e Figli Photo Credit: Don Ciccio e Figli

For the spirit lover: Don Ciccio e Figli.  I enjoy concluding a dinner party with a nice digestif.  Since living here in DC,  I have served Don Ciccio e Figli to plenty of parties as I have had it gifted to me by several friends. Nice friends I have!  Not only delicious, this is local-made limoncello, distilled right in our nation’s capital. Looking for something fun to do the day after Christmas?  Don Ciccio & Figli is inviting locals and visitors in the DC area to drop by and visit founder Francesco Amodeo at the distillery for a tasting and tour between 1:00pm-5:00pm on Saturday, December 26th.  

edible Gift Ideas Raresweets Cake
Cake: one of my favorite edible gift ideas!

Cake, cookies, wine… You can’t go wrong with a yummy treat as a holiday gift!   What are you edible gift ideas for the DC foodie?