Last year, one of my best friends had her 35th birthday celebration at Dream Downtown Hotel, a hotel located in the Meat Packing District of New York City. She rented a suite and invited her friends to come over for a night of cocktails and dancing. I recall checking in and casually mentioning to the staff that it was her birthday. A few hours later, there was a beautiful platter of mini cupcakes and a birthday card from the staff. I didn’t mention the blog nor does she work for media.  Just a kind and simple gesture from the staff.

Dream Downtown Hotel
Dream Downtown Hotel, Street View

That is the part where Dream Downtown surprises you. Although it is known for its celebrity sightings and its parties, it’s really like staying with a really cool relative.  This experience made me choose it for a fall trip to NYC. This is my story….

Dream Downtown Hotel


The rooms: Like most hotels in NYC, the rooms at Dream Downtown Hotel are smaller than average but if you go to NYC to hang out in your room, you might want to rethink your priorities.  The rooms are comfortable and surprisingly quiet given that 16th Street is quite busy with the club crowd until late. The bed was nice and plush, perfect for late mornings after late nights. 

Room at Dream Downtown

The ambiance: Dream Downtown is the place to channel your inner rockstar. The home screen of the room welcomes you with a montage of the celebrity sightings at the hotel. The PH-D lounge has one of the best views of NYC.  We went there for a pre-dinner cocktail on a warm early fall evening and took in the gorgeous view. Not to miss: The Electric Room. This intimate space is tricky as it requires you to enter through the loading dock of the hotel and pass a strict doorman code. We waited around twenty minutes to get in (we’re not the rockstars that we used to be) but the people watching was fun.

Dream Downtown Hotel

The service: All in the details.  As on the first time stayed at the Dream Downtown Hotel and now I really felt at home. I arrived early in the morning and my room was not ready (check-in is at 3pm) but I got a phone call as soon as my room was ready. I didn’t get cupcakes this time but overall we got great personalized service. 

Dream Downtown Hotel
The view form PH-D Lounge

The location:  If you like to eat and shop, Downtown NYC is the place for you. I have been coming to NYC for years since most of my college friends live there so I didn’t have the need to go to Times Square or all the other traditional tourist attractions. I enjoyed that the hotel is tucked into a residential street and walking distance to great shopping. Highlight: The DVF flagship store at the Meat Packing district. If you are a foodie like me, you will love the food selections at the Chelsea Market.

Dream Downtown Hotel
Snapshot of the Pool Patio

The verdict: If you feel overwhelmed with the hotels of Time Square, the Dream Downtown Hotel is for you. It gives you the local vibe from walking around the surrounding streets, having brunch at a local spot (we loved the Hartwood), going for a run along the Hudson, or simply indulging at Chelsea Market. 
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